Welcome to Medicine Hat School of

Performing Arts!

Here are some FAQs for you…

How do we know what is going on at the studio?
A new website is being put into place for our 2015/16 season, which will be our main source for updating information. Newsletters will be delivered via email, so it is important that you provide us with an active email account to insure you are receiving important information. Be sure to inform us if at some point your contact information changes. There are also several information bulletin boards in the front entrance, please pop in from time to time and take a look. We do our best to make the information available but it only works if you take an active role in staying in touch. When in doubt email any questions to [email protected]
Do the students participate in Dance Recitals/Shows?
There are 2 dance shows per studio year. All MHSPA shows are held at the Esplanade Arts Centre. The Christmas show in December features our tiny & mini-boppers and the Final Shows in May feature the whole school. ALL of these shows require additional tickets to be purchased through the Esplanade, they are not included in your registration/class fees.  The students are required to attend the dress rehearsal and will possibly be performing in all 3 shows for our year-end show (usually Sat & Sun) if they are in multiple classes.
Do the students have to do fundraisers?
Our studio tries to hold 2 fundraisers per year. Although the fundraisers are not mandatory, we ask that all students try their best to participate. Funds raised are used to pay off recent & extensive renovations to the studio, as well as to build a heritage fund for future costs or endeavors. We appreciate all efforts in support of our studio.
What Does my child wear to class?


Are there class pictures?
We have 2 sessions for photos each year. Our December session involves only our tiny & mini-bopper classes. Our Spring session involves ALL classes & soloists. Having your child’s picture taken is your choice but we do ask that your child attend the photo session so that our photographer can take the class photo in its entirety. ALL photo sessions are handled by an outside company and payments are made payable to them – not the studio. Picture location is determined on a year-year basis.
As a parent do I have to volunteer?
Each year we require parent volunteers to help during our performances. We recognize that everyone has a lot going on and volunteering is sometimes hard, but to ensure the safety of all of our students and reduce the stress on the performers, we require and appreciate any time you can spare your help.
Does my child have to attend competitions?
Many of our classes are competitive and it will depend on your child’s age/level as to whether they will be required to compete. MHSPA attends 2 competitions per year (one local & one away). If your child is in a competitive class he/she will be expected to attend the competitions. The choreography requires all students to participate, if your child does not show up it will greatly affect the entire performance. All competition fees are in addition to regular class fees and will be invoiced seperately near the beginning of the season.
I need to talk to someone – when is the studio office open?
The studio is currently closed for the summer but we would be happy to meet with you for your registration needs. Please email Miss Genevieve at [email protected] to set up an appointment.