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Jun 04


After tapping into some crazy organizational, puzzle piecing skills, breathing through many trials and tribulations, we have reached the first draft of our 2016-17 dance schedule with success!  Throughout the course of the summer, this will be subject to change depending on enrolment, but our goal is to keep things as close to this current schedule as possible.

This year we decided to change up the format on how we label our classes.  Instead of separating things by JR/INT/SR and further splitting those classes, we have simplified it to the discipline and a number.  Example – Jazz 1, Jazz 2, Jazz 3 etc…

Students who have submitted pre-registration forms will be receiving an email by Monday, June 6th to list which classes you should be registering for to help you map things out before coming to register.


June 7th & 8th 4-7pm ~ Tiny/Mini Bopper Students Only

June 9th 4-7pm ~ Classes in a discipline labelled 1 or 2  Only

June 14th 4-7pm ~ Classes in a discipline labelled 1 – 2 – 3 – 4  Only

June 15th 4-7pm ~ Classes in a discipline labelled 3-4-5-6-7  Only

June 16th 4-7pm ~ Open Registration for new students

After pre-registration is complete, if you have not officially registered, your spot will no longer be held and we will open it up for new students.  If you are unable to make it during our pre-registration dates, please email Miss Whitney at [email protected] to make arrangements.

Pictures – The gallery is up and ready for viewing and ordering.  An email will be sent asap with detail on how to gain access, if you did not receive that email by June 10th please let us know.

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far and we look forward to seeing you at registration!

MHSPA Brochure 2016:17