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Dec 21

Merry Christmas!!

The studio will be closed for Christmas week. We will return all messages/emails as soon as possible after the 27th. Thank you for your patience! Have a very Merry Christmas – students and staff of MHSPA!

Nov 14

Studio Behavior

Dear Parents: we have recently received some complaints about our little siblings in the studio and the fact that they are not being controlled in the studio or respectful to the other families who are waiting for their kids. Please remember that our family area is for everyone and we expect everyone using it to behave and act appropriately – we appreciate that sometimes it’s seems like a long wait and they are bored but it is not the responsibility of the studio staff or other parents to deal with that. If your child is not acting appropriately for the studio family area please take them out of the studio until they learn how they can act or have them stay at home during the dance times.

Sep 08

Important Dates