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May 02


Hello Everyone!

There is a lot of important information coming out at this time of the year, so make sure you are fully reading everything and marking your calendars!!

Picture week is taking place at the studio May 16th-19th with Josh Krause of Tride Media.  On the schedule we have managed to get everyone’s picture taken on the day they normally have dance, with the exception of our Saturday classes, INT: Musical Theatre 1-B, Open Ballet & SR: Jazz 1-B, who have been added to the schedule between other classes.  The times are close to their class time but not always exact, so make sure you triple check what time their class is scheduled to have their pictures taken.  Everyone must arrive 15min before their photo shoot is scheduled to begin, fully dressed in Costume/Hair & Make-up.  We have a lot of pictures to get through and in order to stay on time we cannot wait for late comers.

It is important that everyone shows up to have their picture taken so that we have a copy of the entire class.  Even if you do not plan to purchase any, those that do would appreciate a picture that includes everyone:)!  Once the pictures are ready, we will email everyone with the link and password to get into the Gallery.  Everything is then ordered online for your convenience:) There is an option to pay extra to have the pictures mailed out to you, otherwise they are available for pick-up the followingMonday after you have purchased them at Tride Media 520 4th Ave S.E. (right across the street from the Chocolate Shop on the S.E. Hill).

Thanks everyone!

MHSPA Picture Schedule 2016

Apr 29


Hello Dance Families!

We are officially 2 weeks away from our Dress Rehearsal for the Year End Show – “Spring Fever 2016!!!”

Below you will see the running order for the Dress Rehearsal, which has also been posted at the studio and on the website  Please be waiting in the Lobby @ The Esplanade in Costume & Hair (make-up is optional for rehearsal) ready to go into the theatre 15min before your scheduled time slot.

Tiny/Mini Boppers: Each class will have 2 designated parent volunteers.  When you arrive, please find your group and stay together until we are ready to bring classes into the theatre.  This is a closed rehearsal, so either wait in the lobby, maybe check out the museum, or if you plan to leave, make sure you are back before their time slot is finished to collect you child.  For students in more than 1 class, I have marked down who they are beside their classes and the parent volunteers will be set up to help them change.

Juniors:  There will be 4 parent volunteers set up to help with the Junior classes.  When you arrive, there will be volunteers around to help bring your child into the theatre and join their group as this is a closed rehearsal.  There are many students who are in more than 1 dance, and I have labelled who you are beside each class.  Please take note of what order of costume you need to be in and we will set you up in the dressing rooms downstairs.  Some changes are quick, so be prepared, and if you are unable to change your hair in time that is okay, it is more important you make it onto the stage:) When their time slot is over they will be escorted back into the lobby, please make sure you are on time to collect your child.

Intermediates/Seniors: There will be 2 parent volunteers set up to help with these groups.  Most of you are all in more 1 dance and so I have listed the exact times your class will have on stage.  I realize this session does run late, but unfortunately this is unavoidable considering the amount of groups we need to slot in and arrange in a specific way allow for quick changes.  Once you have finished dancing all of your group numbers, you are free to go.  At this point, we will allow parents to come into the theatre to get you, but please do so quietly, no student is allowed to leave and linger in the lobby.

PARENT VOLUNTEER SHEETS ARE POSTED ON TOP OF THE DESK AT THE STUDIO.  We need your help!!! Again, we cannot express enough how much we need you to make this a success.  These kids have been working hard and they deserve to have a smooth show.  It would be really great to also see some new faces volunteer this year.  Be part of the backstage action!!!

DVD’s of the show are available to be pre-purchased at the studio.  We are also working on a package price for those wanting to purchase more than 1 show, these details will be available soon!

Our Flower Shop will again be selling flowers in the lobby for each show! You can also pre-puchase bouquets if you would like, by simply calling the store at 403-580-4030!!!

Tickets are selling fast!!! If you have not bought your tickets yet there is still time but seats are filling up:) Again, MAKE SURE YOU BUY TICKETS FOR THE RIGHT SHOW.  All 3 shows are different, the running order of each show has been emailed, posted at the studio and can be found on the website, to inform you of which show your child is performing in.

Pre-registration for 2016/17 will be happening mid-June! We have sent home forms giving our current students first dibs on classes before we open registration up to the public.  A $50 cash deposit must accompany the form and this will be applied to you dance fees.  This form not only help guarantee your spot up until Pre-registration is complete but it also helps us keep up with the demand and create our classes accordingly.

That cover the most of it for now, the picture schedule during the week of May 16th-19th will be emailed on Monday:)!

Thanks everyone, looking forward to recital!!!

Miss Genevieve & MHSPA

Spring Fever Dress Rehearsal 2016

Apr 18


Hi Dance Families!

We are a little less than a month away from our Year End Recital “Spring Fever 2016!” and we are all getting excited to perform!!!

Please read through the following information carefully to ensure you are in the loop and on the ball:)!

***IMPORTANT – THERE ARE 3 SHOWS AND THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE BUYING TICKETS FOR THE SHOW YOUR CHILD IS PERFORMING IN. This list is posted below, on the website and up on the bulletin board at the studio.

Show Dates: Saturday, May 14th 2pm & 7pm shows

Sunday, May 15th  6pm show

If your child is in more than 1 dance class, chances are they may be in more than 1 show.  We evenly divide classes between shows based on mixing up levels and disciplines, so that each show is balanced with a good variety of everything.  They will all be highly entertaining and we appreciate your support in giving our students a great audience to perform for:)!

Tickets will go on sale MONDAY, APRIL 25th @10am   You can either purchase them online at or go to the box office at the Esplanade.

Teachers will be sending home information about Hair & Make-up for the show the week of April 25th-30th.  All costumes will be in by then, because Mini Boppers are sessional, their costumes had been ordered at a later date than our full year classes and they should all be in this week.

Picture Week is MAY, 16th-19th @ The Studio.  Further information about this will be sent out separately once all the details have been finalized.

Last Day of Classes is Thursday, May 12th

Dress Rehearsal is Friday, May 13th 4-10pm @ The Esplanade  A separate schedule will be emailed to you soon.  Generally, Tiny & Mini Bopper are between 4-6pm, Juniors 6-8pm, Intermediates/Seniors 8-10pm.  These details will be sent.

We will be needing VOLUNTEERS!  A sign-up sheet for both the Dress Rehearsal and the Shows, will be posted up at the studio next week.  We simply cannot run these shows without the help of volunteers.  After all their hard work, these students deserve to have a great show and your time and support is the only way to make that happen!

Pre-Registraion for our 2016/17 Season! During the week of April 25th-30th, we will be sending students home with forms to give our current students the advantage of holding their spot in the classes they want to take next year.  To solidify the commitment we do require a $50 cash deposit to accompany the form.  This fee will be applied directly to your account and will come off your 2016/17 dance fees.  Should you change your mind a full refund will be honoured before August 26th, 2016.  As our studio grows we want to give our current students first choice on classes before they fill up.  This form also helps us know what the growing demand is, so we can prepare our schedule and avoid over sized classes.

Lost & Found is exploding! We have set out a table full of some really nice stuff, which is missing it’s owner! Please take a look and see if any of it belongs to you.  Once classes are done for the season these items will be donated.

That should cover the most of it for now, more information will be coming your way within the next few weeks, so keep your eyes on your emails, the website and the studio bulletin board.

Thanks Everyone – Miss Genevieve & MHSPA

Here are the show lists and running orders – BE SURE TO READ CAREFULLY & MARK DOWN WHICH SHOW YOUR CHILD IS IN!