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Jan 26

Important Updates January-May/2016

Hello Dance Families!

Now that everyone has settled back into the swing of things after the holidays, we want to get back on track with important dates and information for the second half of our dance season!

IMPORTANT DATES: Please mark your calendars, these dates are also set up on our website calendar

January 30th - All Tiny & Mini Bopper payments for Session II are due.  Invoices were sent out by January 15th, if you did not receive one please email our Office Manager Miss Whitney at

January 31st - If you have not already received your tax receipt, they will be arriving into your email inbox by the end of day Sunday, January 31st/2016.  This year, we will only be issuing tax receipts via email.  The entire dance season for 2015-2016 will be captured on the receipt, with a detailed transaction list of fees charged and payments received.  If there is more than one dancer in your family, each of them will be on the same receipt.  Should you decide to utilize this for your 2015 taxes, it is up to you to separate out the amounts desired.  Each transaction has a detailed description to help ease the separation process. Depending on how involved you dancer(s) is, with the number of classes enrolled in and whether competitive or not, there can be a lot of information on these receipts. Please be sure to keep this tax receipt on file for 2016, as it does have information for the 2016 tax year.

If you do not receive a tax receipt by the end of the month, or if you have any questions regarding this, please make sure you email Miss Whitney at to let her know and she will get back to you straight away.

February 12th-18th - The studio will be closed for Family Week! During this time Medicine Hat will also be hosting the Alberta Winter Games (Feb 13th-16th).  There are lots of fun events taking place, including the Opening Ceremonies @ The Canalta Centre – Saturday, February 13th.  For more information or to become a volunteer, please visit their website at

February 26th-28th - Rock Of Ages Auditions!!! In the Fall of 2016, Medicine Hat Musical Theatre will be putting on this production at the Musical Theatre Playhouse, October 26th-November 12th.  Due to the nature of the show you must be 18+ by October 26th/2016 to audition, as it does require a certain level of maturity.  For information on how to audition please visit their website at

March 3rd-5th - Rotary Music Festival @ The College Theatre.  This involves our JR & INT: Musical Theatre Classes and students who signed up to do a Solo or Duet for the Festival.  Further details about this event will be sent out to all Musical Theatre students separately by next week

March 25th-31st - The studio will be closed for the Easter Break!

April 20th-24th - Great Canadian Dance Challenge @ The Esplanade   This competition involves only the INT: Musical Theatre class and all other JR/INT/SR Dance classes that are competitive.  All competitive classes were established upon registration and you would have received an invoice for these entry fees etc.  If you are still not sure if this applies to your child we will gladly sort you out:)

We have not yet received a schedule for this competition, but will be sure to get you this information as soon as it comes in!

May 5th-8th - Candance Competition @ The Edge School in Calgary   This competition does not involve any Musical Theatre group classes. Only individuals who registered with their own Musical Theatre pieces will be attending this competition.  Otherwise all other JR/INT/SR competitive dance classes are attending

Again we do not have a schedule yet, however in the meantime, we would suggest booking your Hotel Room for the above dates at a place that has a free cancelation policy.  There is a link to the Hotel associated with the competition if you visit their website at and follow the links

May 13th - Dress Rehearsal for our year end recital @ The Esplanade 4-10pm  (A schedule will be made)

May 14th-15th - MHSPA Spring Fever!  There will be 3 separate shows and they are all different…make sure you buy tickets for the show your child is performing in! All of this information will be sent out as we get closer to the show, so be sure to keep your eyes on your emails, the front bulletin board and the website to stay in the loop!

May 16th-19th - Picture week at the studio! A schedule will be sent out with further details to this at a later date

And that’s a wrap! We look forward to the continued growth of our students and cannot wait to see all of the performances come together!

***Looking for fake flowers – If anyone has some random fake flowers they do not need (even if it’s just one) please drop them off at the studio.  This is for a prop being built by one of our dance moms for Miss Anne-Marie’s Garland Waltz Ballet

Communication is key to us, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and we will help as best we can.  The easiest way to reach us is through email – Miss Genevieve & Miss Whitney

Thank you for the ongoing support!


Nov 30

Tiny & Mini Bopper Picture Information

Pictures are taking place at the studio Tues/Wed/Thurs – Dec 8/9/10th between 3:30-6:30pm.  For most classes, we were able to schedule the pictures to take place within their class time, but in order to make efficient use time with the photographer,Monday & Saturday classes will have their photos between our weekly classes.  Also, a few classes will have their pictures taken 15min earlier than their scheduled class time.  Please go through the following list and take note of what time your child’s pictures are scheduled to start.

Please arrive 15min before your scheduled time, in costume and make-up (optional), ready to go, we cannot wait for late comers.  Our pictures are being taken by Josh @ Tride media and this year we have a fun Christmas background to make it extra special!!! If you are not sure whether you want to order pictures, we do need everyone to attend for the class photo to be complete.  Once the gallery is posted online, an email will be sent out with details on how to go about ordering pictures if you so choose to:)

Once they are done having their picture taken they are free to go.  Our last week of classes are Dec 14-19th and it is Pyjama week….so remember to come all comfy & cozy!




3:30-3:50 ~ Intro To Dance 3yrs   (Tuesday 3:30-4 class)       

3:50-4:10 ~ Intro To Groove 3/4yrs   (Monday 3:30-4 class)

4:10-4:40 ~ 4/5yrs Ballet & Tap   (Tuesday 4-4:45 class)

4:40-5:10 ~ 4/5yrs Ballet & Tap   (Saturday 10-10:45 class)

5:10-5:40 ~ 4/5yrs Jazz & MT   (Tuesday 5-5:45 class)

5:40-6:10 ~ 4/5yrs Jazz & MT   (Saturday 11-11:45 class)

6:10-6:40 ~ 6/7yrs Jazz & MT   (Tuesday 5:45-6:30 class)


3:30-4 ~ Intro To Groove 4/5yrs   (Wednesday 3:30-4 class)

4-4:30 ~ 4/5yrs Jazz & MT   (Wednesday 4-4:45 class)

4:30-5 ~ 6/7yrs Jazz & MT   (Saturday 12-12:45 class)

5-5:30 ~ 4/5yrs Ballet & Tap   (Wednesday 5-5:45 class)

5:30-6 ~ 6/7yrs Ballet & Tap   (Wednesday 5:45-6:30 class)  ***Please Note – These pictures start 15min before their regular class time starts***


4-4:30 ~ 6/7yrs Ballet & Tap   (Thursday 4-4:45 class)

***Students in both classes take 15min to change***

4:45-5:15 ~ 6/7yrs Jazz & MT   (Thursday 5-5:45 class)  ***Please Note – These pictures start 15min before their regular class time starts***


Thanks everyone!

Miss Genevieve


Nov 30

Dress Rehearsal Information

Hello Tiny & Mini Bopper parents & guardians….The show is almost here!!!

There has been a lot of things to do in order to get ready for next weekends performance, so I apologies for the delay on exact times for Dress Rehearsal but after a lot of juggling here it is….


1:00-2:10 ~ Intro To Dance 3yrs  (Tuesday 3:30-4 class)

                   4/5yrs Ballet & Tap   (Tuesday 4-4:45 class)

                   4/5yrs Ballet & Tap  (Saturday 10-10:45 class)

                   4/5yrs Ballet & Tap  (Wednesday 5-5:45 class)

                   Intro To Groove 3/4yrs  (Monday 3:30-4 class)


2:10-3:10 ~ 6/7yrs Ballet & Tap   (Wednesday 5:45-6:30 class)

                    6/7yrs Ballet & Tap   (Thursday 4-4:45 class)

                    4/5yrs Intro To Groove  (Wednesday 3:30-4 class)

                    4/5yrs Jazz & MT  (Tuesday 5-5:45 class)

                    6/7yrs Jazz & MT  (Saturday 12-12:45 class)


3:10-4:00 ~ 4/5yrs Jazz & MT  (Wednesday 4-4:45 class)

                    6/7yrs  Jazz & MT  (Tuesday 5:45-6:30 class)

                    6/7yrs  Jazz & MT  (Thursday 5-5:45 class)

                    4/5yrs Jazz & MT  (Saturday 11-11:45 class)


Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time slot….if you are late we cannot wait as we have a tight schedule! All students are required to be ready to enter the theatre in costume with a water bottle and snack. Our Parent Volunteers and Office Manager Miss Whitney, will be organizing everyone in the lobby in preparation to enter the theatre – Your co-operation is much appreciated with this process. Please pay attention to instructions and let us do our thing to avoid confusion:)  Be sure to arrive a bit before your child is escorted from the theatre into the lobby to be collected, so everyone stays tear free…..we will do our best to stay on schedule. If we are running a bit behind we do apologies, however it is important we take the time necessary to make the show a success!

Students in more than one dance will receive a separate email with details on how we deal with dress rehearsal and the show for their costume changes etc.  They are also likely to stay for longer than 1 hour due to changing etc, so prepare enough snacks accordingly.

Reminder of what is to be worn with costumes…

Jazz & MT: Beige Tights & Black Jazz Shoes 

Ballet & Tap:  Pink Tights & Both Pink Ballet Shoes/Black Tap Shoes

Intro To Groove: If wearing a skirt – Beige Tights

                          Sneakers or Jazz shoes – A black shoe would look better but not necessary 


Show - Sunday, December 6th 2pm @ The Esplanade

Students are to arrive between 1:30-1:45….again they will be escorted to their dressing rooms and are expected to stay the duration of the show (exception 3yr olds), our parent volunteers will take care of everything…they are awesome!!! Please send them with a snack and water bottle.

When the show is done, we will escort the children to the lobby and they will be released to you once we see you. That being said…do not block the entrance to the backstage area or we cannot see anyone!  Anything left behind will be collected and taken to the studio, kept safe until it is returned.

Tickets for the show have been selling fast! If you have not yet done so, please visit or the Esplanade Box Office!

Our Flower Shop – Just another reminder flowers will be available for purchase the day of the show, or you can pre-order bouquets by calling the shop.

DVD’s – On sale at the studio or in the lobby the day of the show.

Pictures – A Separate email will be sent out tomorrow….less to read all in one email!!!

Session II – Class request forms to continue into Session II are due Saturday, December 5th.  After this date we open the classes up to our wait lists.  Fees for these classes will be invoiced in the New Year….gives us all a little breathing room:)

Food Bank & Santa Clause Fund – We are collecting food & toys for families in need at the studio.  If you have something to spare, there are 2 big boxes to be filled or a monetary donation box to help those in need this holiday season.

Lastly – For important dates etc – Please check the website, or you can always email Miss Whitney at and she would be happy to help you out!!!


I’m hoping this covers it! We are looking forward to an awesome show… always gets me in the Christmas mood, so much cuteness and holiday spirit!!!

Thanks All,

Miss Genevieve